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Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative



Check out our products.

  • Illinois App
    A student’s companion to connect with campus experiences, services, and events.
  • Rokwire Platform
    An open source software platform for mobile apps that integrates a community’s digital resources.


We seek a variety of partners—individuals, industry leaders, universities, nonprofits, and others interested in contributing to this path-breaking work. Partners can join with us in several ways:

  • Adopters use the Rokwire platform to develop customized apps offering a particular set of services for members of their community.
  • Contributors add code to the Rokwire open source platform.
  • Researchers from academia and industry collaborate with us to study problems and develop solutions by utilizing the unique capabilities of our system.
  • Service providers collaborate with us to produce smart capabilities and services integrated in Rokwire.

Interested in Partnering or Building a Project with Rokwire?

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