Rokwire app-based tool to help curb gun violence

The News-Gazette

Rokwire is part of a team that is working to develop an app-based tool to help reduce crime and violence in the C-U community. The Center for Social and Behavioral Science, partnering with the city of Champaign, has been granted $150,000 from the National Science Foundation to develop the crime reduction tool through the open-source Rokwire Smart City Platform.

The planning stage is underway, with researchers conducting interviews with community stakeholders. The goal is to develop and pilot an app next year. 

The team has four goals for the app: 

  • Connect service providers to those in need of support.
  • Create mentor relationships for those affected and involved in violence.
  • Interrupt cycles of retaliation by intervening with individuals involved.
  • Coordinate support organizations.

Correction: The article incorrectly states that the crime reduction features will be developed on the Illinois app. The app-based tool will not be developed on the Illinois app, but will be a separate tool. 

Read this blog post to learn more about the project. 

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