Illinois app seeks to create ‘frictionless’ student experience

The Daily Illini

The goal of the Illinois app, according to Rokwire Director Bill Sullivan, is to make the student experience better, “to reduce as much friction as possible, open doors, and make things easier.” 

“A lot of our efforts are trying to understand the barriers to students’ success,” Sullivan said. “What are the hurdles that students face on a daily basis? What are the annoying little problems that get in the way of a wonderful, successful experience here at the University of Illinois? And how can we use this technology in these tools to reduce those hurdles?” 

Here are just a few of the features of the Illinois app that are making students’ lives easier: 

  • Course schedules are connected to Google Maps so students can look for their day-to-day routes to classes.
  • Students can decide what they want to prioritize on their “favorites” page to better suit their needs.
  • Students can view the University housing’s dining menus and set filters to see only the food options they want.
  • There are student groups for residence halls, and groups that students can create themselves to find like-minded people.
  • The events feature categorizes different calendars and allows people to identify their interests, tag events, and set reminders.
  • A new wellness feature includes daily wellness tips and a to-do list for better time management.
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