Rokwire Named Title Sponsor of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities Conference

Rokwire will serve as a title sponsor of Resilient Campuses. Resilient Cities, the 2023 annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU).

This year’s theme focuses on ways “campuses and cities embrace shared understandings and a commitment to fostering greater resilience.” Presenters will cover topics including hyperlocal community engagement, racial equity and justice, social and economic mobility, and student well-being. The conference serves as a collaborative space to engage with place-based solutions, transformative technology, student-centered decision-making, and ways to build equitable and sustainable communities.

William Sullivan—director of the Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative—points to Rokwire’s “dynamic digital ecosystem” for “integrating technology, health, and community engagement” that can propel campus and community members to “interact, innovate, and thrive.” “Rokwire not only enhances the campus experience,” Sullivan said. “It advances the mission of fostering meaningful connections and addressing contemporary urban challenges.”

The conference will take place October 15–18 in Washington, DC.

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