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Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative


The Illini Personalized Nutrition Cohort

At Rokwire, we pay attention to the research activities of our colleagues at the University of Illinois to identify future collaboration opportunities. We’re excited about the ground-breaking research being done by the Personalized Nutrition Initiative and look forward to partnering with them to explore how smart technologies can promote health and well-being. Learn about it below.

Can Wearable Technology Predict Mortality Risk?

Daily Beast (October 21, 2022)

A new study by University of Illinois Computer Science Professor Bruce Schatz and colleagues shows that measurements taken with wrist-worn motion sensors can be used to predict one’s mortality risk up to five years later. The researchers hope that one day motion detection systems in smartphones can be used to survey patient health without the need for in-person doctor visits.

Smartphone Device Detects Zika Virus

SYFY Wire (August 6, 2022)

We’re paying attention to how smartphones, devices and apps can help us detect and reduce the spread of diseases. Enrique Valera, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois and colleagues have developed a device that clips onto a smartphone and can detect and analyze diseases in real time.

SHIELD Program a Model for Effective Pandemic Management, Data Show

Illinois News Bureau

Learn about how the Safer Illinois app supported the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s efforts to keep the campus community safe during the pandemic. This article summarizes the findings of a recent journal article published in Nature Communications that provides a thorough report of the University’s SHIELD: Target, Test, Tell program.

Deakin University’s Smart Personalized Digital Assistant

Deakin University (July 2017)

We’re paying attention to other campus apps to see what we can learn about creating useful, personalized digital resources for students. Watch this short video to learn about the Deakin University Genie app, an innovative app with big ambitions.

Digital avatar of UNLV President Whitfield

UNLV President Turns Himself Into an AI

Inside Higher Ed (March 2, 2022)

How can university administrators create more personal connections to students? The University of Nevada at Las Vegas has found a novel way to engage with students through AI.

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