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Campus-Based Apps in North America

Rokwire Community Lecture Series

Lecture 2: “Campus Apps and the Illinois App.” 13 October, 2021 Speakers: Jinal Mehta and Isaac Galvan, UIUC.

In order to improve the student engagement factor, colleges and universities need to make sure that information influencing student decisions is available at the right place and at the right time. 

To accomplish this, we sampled institutions from across North America to examine how Campus Apps, in particular Comprehensive Apps, are utilized to engage their campus student population. I will discuss the different categories of apps, their most popular features, and the platforms on which these apps are developed. 

We will also develop a better understanding of the different campus apps that are being offered across our demographic, along with an understanding of which University focuses on which features and how these apps contrast with the Illinois App. This understanding helps us in better appreciating what kinds of features are most predominant and potentially useful.

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Oct 13 2021


Rokwire Community Lecture Series


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