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Rokwire Community Lecture Series

Lecture 1: “Open Source Campus.” 6 October, 2021. Speaker: Bradly Alicea, UIUC.

As the University campus becomes ever more digitally connected, it enables new forms of collaboration and communication. The Rokwire and Smart, Healthy Communities Initiatives are currently realizing this potential on the University of Illinois campus, a place where open-source has a rich history. Yet to fully realize the promise of this trend, there needs to be a change in IT governance and how the traditional campus is conceived.

In this talk, Bradly will discuss a model for the open-source campus and what social changes will enable. The open-source campus is enabled not only by the adoption of a campus app with content relevant to diverse interests, but also by open-source content development that enables open collaboration. An open source campus is then realized by the expression of open collaboration and making the campus into a virtual experience.

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Oct 06 2021


Rokwire Community Lecture Series


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