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Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative


Rokwire Platform

Integrated digital resources

The Rokwire platform is an open source software platform for mobile devices. It enables the integration of a community’s digital resources, data streams, and services. Rokwire is building a comprehensive digital ecosystem for mobile apps. 

Open source development

The source code of the Rokwire platform is open and available to all from the University of Illinois under the Apache 2.0 free software license. We are fostering a vibrant open source community to develop the platform.

App development

The Rokwire platform affords rapid development and deployment of mobile applications. Rokwire tools enable communities to integrate digital resources using mobile technologies to deliver a range of services. Mobile apps built on Rokwire are customized for specific communities and purposes.  

Apps developed on the Rokwire platform

  • The Illinois app, the official campus app of the University of Illinois, is built on the Rokwire open-source platform. The Illinois app integrates mobile delivery of multiple digital campus services: dining hall menus, laundry, campus cash, bus pass, events, athletics, maps, course schedules, and more.
  • The Safer Illinois app, also built on the Rokwire platform, supported the University of Illinois comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation program. It was retired in 2022. Safer Illinois coordinated virus testing administration, delivered test results, transmitted community health recommendations, displayed a building access status pass, and provided exposure notifications.
  • Customized variants of the Safer Illinois app, developed on the Rokwire platform by our service partner Rokmetro, were deployed at dozens of institutions, including universities, high schools, K-12 schools, municipalities, and large museums such as the Smithsonian.
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