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Contributor License Agreement

Click the link below to open the Rokwire Contributor License Agreement.

Why do you need to fill out this form?

The Contributor Licensing Agreement (CLA) allows a contributing organization or person to define the terms under which intellectual property has been contributed to the project. Rokwire is licensed under theĀ Apache 2.0 license. This open source license, developed by theĀ Apache Software Foundation, provides conditions under which a vendor can utilize and reuse the software platform.

The Rokwire CLA protects the Contributor, the University of Illinois, and all recipients of the Contribution.

How is the CLA valuable to the contributor?

CLAs enable vendors to easily pursue legal resolution in the case of copyright disputes or product relicensing. This is particularly important for third-party integrators and creators of new components, whether they be open- or closed-source. By completing the CLA form and returning it to us, our project maintainer will be able to use and redistribute your contribution.

What if I am not developing for open source?

If you are interested in creating a closed source derivative, the CLA provides you with legal specificity with respect to intellectual property and potential conflicts of interest.

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