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Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative



What is the StratLab?

Rokwire’s Smart Campus Strategy Lab (“StratLab”) is a partnership between the Illinois Smart Healthy Communities Initiative and the Siebel Center for Design at the University of Illinois. The StratLab engages members of the University of Illinois campus in developing, testing and exploring ideas that advance the development of smart, healthy places.

  • Smart places are settings that include sensors and computing power to shoulder routine functions without adding cognitive burdens on people.
  • Healthy places promote wellness and create situations in which people can flourish and thrive.

Our Vision

At the StratLab, we believe every member of our community has something to contribute to the development of smart, healthy places. The StratLab will make these contributions easy, effective, timely, and widespread. It will create opportunities for student groups and classes to rapidly prototype ideas, to conduct small experiments, and to collaborate with others across campus.

We’re bringing together Siebel’s multidisciplinary focus and emphasis on human centered design with Rokwire’s commitment to fostering innovation.

What might participation look like?

Professors and instructors are invited to participate in the StratLab with their students and research groups. Working with us, you and your students could:

  • Develop digital tools that provide individualized assessment and innovation around health and wellness
  • Generate, prototype, refine, and launch innovations in the Illinois App, using the Illinois campus as a testbed
  • Create courses that take advantage of the Rokwire platform and Siebel’s human-centered design approach
  • Collaborate with living-learning communities, Technology Services, Illinois Extension, research centers, local businesses, and more
  • Collaborate with others to seek external funding for research
Are you a professor or instructor interested in learning more about the StratLab?
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